Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ernest Watson on Using Your Imagination

This post is about a great quote in Ernest Watson's Outdoor Sketching.

I mentioned Outdoor Sketching a few weeks ago. I have continued reading and found another great quote for you. This time in a section entitled "Use Your Imagination."

He's discussing how to make more of complicated scenes - both from life or photos. He demonstrates how a figure can be lost in front of a busy storefront. He offers a photograph and encourages the student to improvise from the reference.

"Almost everything the artist does makes demands upon the imagination. The more of that he has, the more of an artist he is." --Ernest Watson, Outdoor Sketching, p. 29

And perhaps my favorite quote of the book:
"No one knows or cares what your subject looked like; what you make of it is all that counts." -- Ernest Watson, Outdoor Sketching, p. 29

Above you see my improvisation on his photograph.

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