Tuesday, November 6, 2007

WIP and Found Art

This is a WIP portrait of number three :-). The expression on his face is a little unusual, unless you know him. This little boy never stays still, doesn't walk unless told to not run, and hardly ever stops talking. So, I tried to capture some of that "bubbling/bursting" part of his personality here, as he is about to erupt into speech. He knew I was taking pictures of him, so he tried to smile sweetly for a second, but could hardly stop talking to do so.

Here's a little "found art" that I came across...my sons decided to decorate the windows on the back of the house! Part of me was annoyed that the sidewalk chalk is just being ground up and smeared all over the patio, another part of me was impressed at the artistic innovation!

1 comment:

Valerie Jones said...

He sounds like my kids! Run everywhere and talk constantly...even when I tell them to not talk every second....they can't stop!

I like the hand decorations on the windows! Too cute! I would have been upset too but am so glad you saw the artistic side to it.