Friday, October 19, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

Here's where I got to last night on the commission. Is it done? Hmm, not sure. I can't decide if I need to darken up some of the values to make it pop or not. This one has been a real challenge for me, more so than the others. I've been more nervous on this one than on previous portraits. There are a few reasons for that, good learning points for me.

I did this on Bristol board Smooth, so the texture of the paper is very different for me. Can't decide if I like that or not. In some ways, it gives the portrait a more polished look and looks incredible from a distance. However, there is something "magical" that a textured paper can lend to a graphite drawing, but it doesn't have that "polished" look.

This isn't a morning for decisions. Actually, since it's Friday, I've got a nice little distraction of a new topic for Illustration Friday to think about. Perhaps then I can come back and make a decision on this.

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