Friday, September 14, 2007

Organizing Your Artwork

First, as I missed "Wed-Wise Wednesday" this week, I owe you a good link.

Last week, my friend Belinda wrote a great post on how to organize your artwork. I'd just begun thinking about this issue, how wonderful to read her post and realize that she had the answer. Belinda even has kindly shared her tables. So, my next piece is "001". I really do think this is a helpful system. I work regularly on two computers, so I have a job of keeping it all straight. This system is going to help me know what is where, and how to keep it all consistent.

Above you see a value study for my piece "001". :-) It is from a reference photo by Susan Borgas on her FreeSnapShots blog. She just returned from a long holiday, no doubt she'll be posting again sooner or later. She is a fabulous artist with a generous spirit. Her photos are really something to check out.

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Belinda Lindhardt said...

hehehe Thanks Rose,

I am glad you find it useful :) i hope it helps :)