Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Web-Wise Wednesday #1

Today is the launch of a new feature here at Rose's Art Lines. I'm calling it Web-Wise Wednesdays. Essentially the idea is give you a link or two that I find useful on the Web. The links will center around art and blogging.

Blogging Link of the Week: ProBlogger
  • What it is: a blog about how to blog well
  • Typical Topics: improving your writing, making money from your blog, improving your rankings, increasing traffic, etc.
  • My favorite Aspect:the "cheerleading" part. It's upbeat and not scared to encourage you to work hard on your blog.
  • Evidence of Its Usefulness: Wed-wise Wednesdays was born out of reading his posts and encouraging trying new things.
  • What's Going on There Now: He currently is doing a "31 Days to a Better Blog" project, here. Even as a lurker, it is encouraging and informative.
If you are finding blogging a chore or wish your blog had more zip, check ProBlogger out.

Art Link of the Week: EmptyEasel
  • What it is: art resource site
  • Typical Topics: tutorials, material reviews, spotlights on artists, business advice, website reviews
  • My Favorite Aspect: advice and reviews - he saves me alot of time and effort, because he knows alot more than I do.
  • Evidence of Its Usefulness: Imagekind - he made me put getting some artwork onto Imagekind a definite "to-do" instead of a "it-would-be-nice-to-do". I was also able to share his stuff with someone more in a position to use it now. Even the great Katherine Tyrrell was influenced by his reviews.)
  • What's Going on There Now: He's updating the site and adding great new features. He's doing some artist reviews until he finishes the updates.
If you wish that you had someone to help show you the ropes around the online art business world, check EmptyEasel out.


Kasie Sallee said...

Thanks for sharing the great links Rose. I always appreciate finding things like that.

Rose Welty said...

You're welcome Kasie. I hope it is useful. I'm also going to be starting another "feature" on Monday, it may also be useful to you. :-)

Katherine said...

Nice post Rose - and that's a very nice template you've got there.

I know both blogs well and that's a very good synopsis.