Thursday, July 26, 2007

Having a Freak-out

Ever have one of those dreams where you come to class and you haven't done any homework all term? Ever have one of those days where you suddenly realize that you have a huge to-do list segmented all over your calmly think to grab paper and pen and let it all spill out, but then you can't find paper or pen and well, then freak-out happens?

Today is a bit of a freak-out for me. I've spent most of the day in training for my son's schooling. He is to begin a part-private-school/part-home-school program in a few weeks. It was all good information. But realizing the level of organization and discipline I am going to have to pull out of my pocket in the next few weeks was overwhelming. After I got home and started to think about it, I realized that in my feast/famine program of running our home it's bill-paying time, house-cleaning time, etc. (In other words, I have a feast of little chores that require doing and then things will quiet down for a few weeks again.)

On top of that my blog has been ignored this week and so has my art! All that to say, bear with me. I'm pulling myself together here and will be back shortly! I will have to get some sketching in, because nothing relaxes me more than that.


Kasie Sallee said...

I do have moments like that too.
School time is coming up so fast.
My daughter is starting Kindergarten this year and it's going to be a big adjustment time for all of us.

Rose Welty said...

Kasie, where has the summer gone? Although my son is very disappointed that school doesn't start tomorrow! I tried to tell him that once it starts, it won't end for a very long time, but well, some things you just have to learn for yourself, I guess.