Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tomato Flower

After doing some reading on notan and the value studies yesterday, I decided to think more before I began these tomatoes. I decided that I liked the juxtaposition of triangles and curves that chopped tomatoes offered. Then I thought "what would it be like if I chose some tomatoes arrayed in a near flower arrangement? Would there be an interesting play between the two concepts?" Obviously, tomatoes are often arranged on a plate in a flower-like way, but I wanted to try something more random seeming.

So that's the background on this piece. I went small this time, 2inx2in, so it wasn't a big investment if things went awry. If I had gone with a more deliberate flower-like arrangement, there would probably have been more play between "that's tomatoes" and "that's a flower." Maybe I'll revisit this idea...I'll be sure to have the camera ready at my next salad chopping session. Certainly the O'Keeffe study this month is causing me to think in new ways.

I again tried new stuff with the CPs. I did try some complementary blending to create depth - that was about the most successful bit of the CP side.

Thanks for bearing with my learning this month. It's making me desperate for some graphite and a portrait!

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