Tuesday, April 3, 2007

In the garden

I mentioned before that I do one landscape project a year and this year is the lawn. A few weeks ago I reseeded the front. The last few days I have begun work on the backyard. It was a veritable jungle of weeds. I was heaving the lawn mower into the four foot tree-like weeds as if it were a battering ram. Yesterday I put down weed and feed and I am hoping for the best. I would like to just use organic lawn food (as I did in the front) for the safety of my children, but I think we need at least one dose of chemicals to contain the weeds.

These are photos from the front yard. In the middle of the top photo are the phlox that the boys and I planted yesterday to replace the lobelia that never made it last year. Other than being short they are not too different from the purple sage that surrounds them, but we've moved from artistic aims to drought tolerant/survival aims this year. Once that crape myrtle on the right gets taller it will look better.

The other photo is just one of the clumps of roses that have begun their journey on the other side of the front yard. I love those things. They grow really well in Texas and are a constant encouragement to me all season - on the bush and on the table.

With all this yard work, my art has been getting the short stick. Last night I just did what musicians would call "scale work." I just practiced making all sorts of marks in pen. But today I have no yard jobs and hope to get back to it.

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