Saturday, March 31, 2007

New Gizmos and Widget

This is a bad photo in even worse light, but that's what happens when the whole day evaporates! There's a path, yet to be drawn on the right and lots of foliage. It's done in my moleskine with my new Pigma Micron 05 with sepia ink. First time I've tried colored ink, I really like the sepia, gives a nice look to a sketch. (That's the new widget.)

The new gizmos are a wireless router and first class coffee maker. I had another "too dorky for the world day" today. I was dropping, spilling, stumbling, and generally just creating disaster all along my wake. Then at lunch, I sat down to munch on my apple slice and managed to get a small bite in my mouth while the rest was sucked into the gravity vortex next to me and rocketed to the floor - even my husband laughed out loud at that point. The laughing stopped after lunch when I broke the carafe on the coffee machine. So, the afternoon was spent purchasing a coffee maker and router. We opted for the high end stainless steel carafe and built-in grinder java robot. As these dorky days of mine seem to be multiplying I figured it was wiser to get a carafe I couldn't break. As well, if I didn't have to mess with grinding the beans, dumping them in a paper filter and then maneuvering the full filter into the machine (wherein I spill and then have to clean up the mess) I might shave ten minutes off my evening kitchen routine! The router means that we two geeks can each have a computer and internet connection in the evenings and on weekends!

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