Saturday, March 24, 2007

How do you get good judgment?

The answer...bad judgment.

I've been doing some reading on painting...books that are meant to be like a class with exercises, books that do a survey of artists and their techniques, etc. All of it makes me want to pick up a brush and go for it. So, I did...and now I want to go back and hide with my nose in a book! These were painted from the reference photo I've been working with in colored pencil. (You see, I've been doing all that light blending in pencil and thinking "I just want to slosh paint around" the whole time.) The first one I used the "wet into wet" technique. The second one I mixed the paint first, then applied it. (I used Sargent's palette.)

What I learned:
  • "wet into wet" feels very dangerous (and fun), because of the potential for unintended consequences
  • I like the feel of slopping paint around
  • Sargent's limited palette is probably a good place for me to start mixing (because it is just too easy for me to make mud)
  • I talk to myself when I paint (I don't when I sketch - that's odd!)
  • I really needed to read (and pay attention to) Wendy Prior's advice on backgrounds
  • painting is a skill that is going to take a while to acquire
  • color mixing is a skill that is going to take a while to acquire
  • doing work in color and new mediums is going to take time to feel comfortable
But, maybe the most important thing that I already know and need to apply here is that learning takes time and humility. So, I guess I'm seeing that there is a big hill in front me, and it starts off rocky, but I still want to climb.

(The "superstore" has admitted defeat and tomorrow we get to pick a new computer...and begin all the work to making it ours! Hope to be up and running by Monday or Tuesday.)

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