Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Plunge

This is a bad photo - you can't really see anything, but I just wanted to keep myself honest and blog something today. (If you click on the image, it does get a little better.) I began this waterfall yesterday. Initially I thought, I can't pull this off, but I'll try it because I don't want to run scared from waterfalls forever. I've succeeded enough that I think I'll have a go at doing the whole fall. Hence, I feel myself to be taking a plunge.

Hopefully the next post will be a stage 1 shot of the fall with surrounding greenery...


Jo Castillo said...

Hi Rose, I popped over from Maggie's blog. You did so well with JSS. I will be following your landscape sketches. Ain't this fun?

Rose Welty said...

Jo-It is incredibly fun! I'm honored that someone as accomplished as yourself would look at my stuff. We'll just see how the landscapes go. Thanks for your encouragement about my JSS work, I really enjoyed it.