Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Back to a Portrait...

While I was still playing around with what to do for a van Gogh landscape, I remembered that I have a calendar with a van Gogh self-portrait in it. So, I am doing a little study on that. It isn't finished yet, so I just thought that I would throw something else up. Here's a sketch I did plein air several years ago. We took a marvelous holiday to the Lake District - I sketched every day and had a double scoop cone of mint chocolate chip ice cream every day...it was truly marvelous! At the time I was quite impressed with this drawing - as it went from eye to pen with no pencil guidelines. I felt quite brave. Looking at it now, I think my "constraint" shows through, to the drawing's detriment.

Hope to have the study of Vincent's self-portrait up soon.

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